Elizabeth & Michele’s wedding

Devon has known Elizabeth since 2000 when they were hallmates at the University of Georgia. After school, Elizabeth went on to different cities to do Med school and residencies that took her to New Zealand and finally to her new home in Austin, Texas. We couldn’t be happier for these two brides who found each other and said “I do” in Elizabeth’s hometown in Savannah, Georgia.

Mobley:Starley wedding

Kirk & Michael’s wedding

We were lucky enough to be a part of Kirk and Michael’s very special day.

They said ‘yes’ at All Saints’ Episcopal Church and celebrated with family and friends at the beautiful Georgian Terrace.

It was a rainy day, but far from gloomy. Kirk and Michael were beaming all day, genuinely happy to be surrounded by their loved ones, and finally being able to say ‘I do’.

At last.

Kirk and Michael wedding

4 tips on how to relax on your engagement photo shoot

Feeling awkward at your engagement shoot is completely normal. You may have never posed as a couple in front of a professional photographer before. Here are a few tips to help loosen up!
The first question you will probably ask is “what should we do?”.

  • Be yourselves

Forget what you think is expected from you. Be goofy, kiss, laugh, hold hands, walk. Feel free to do whatever feels natural to you as a couple. Your photographer will be there to help you, give you directions and tips along the way to help you with body positioning to make sure you look your best.


  • Make each other laugh

Engagement pictures are meant to be light and happy. So don’t take it too seriously and just have fun and be cute! A great way to do that is tell each other jokes or anecdotes. And if you’re out of jokes, don’t worry. Your photographer will be more than happy to take over!

  • Be close and feel the love you have for each other

It might feel awkward at first to be affectionate in front of your photographer, but soon enough it’ll feel almost natural. And that’s how you end up with great photos. Tip: just remember why you’re taking engagement pictures in the first place.


  • Trust your photographer ;-)

We’ll always have your back, so enjoy yourselves, have fun and know that you’ll end up with beautiful pictures!


BONUS: An engagement photo shoot is a great way to prepare for your wedding pictures. You get to know your photographer, learn some tips on posing and let go of any awkwardness.