Pick the right headshot style for your business

Environmental headshot, using natural light

Headshots are a big part of your brand. Displayed on your website, Linkedin profile, Facebook business page, or any other relevant platform, they’re in the forefront of what potential clients, investors and employers will see of you.

It is important now, more than ever, to have a quality headshot to make a good first impression and not to rely on an iPhone picture taken 10 years ago at a restaurant (yes, we’ve all done it!). There used to be only one style of headshots: a studio portrait, with a white or dark background. There are now many more options to chose from, which is great but can also prove confusing. Unless your company has already given you clear guidelines as to the style of the headshot, you are left with the decision. If you have your own company, or are on the lookout for a new job, for example,┬áthere are certain factors to take into consideration to make sure you appeal to the right target audience.

Let’s take a look at the key factors to help you chose the headshot that is right for you!



It is getting less black and white, and we see the corporate world increasingly displaying less conservative and more dynamic portraits, opting for what we call “environmental headshots.” Using your business environment as a backdrop can be a very effective alternative to more formal portraits. You can either chose to do it indoor or outdoor with natural light.

If you’re not sure, study the market, look at the trends in your specific industry to get a feel of the most appropriate style for your job.


Whether you are looking for a job, building your brand, trying to appeal to a certain audience, it is important to know what your objective is.

Keep in mind where your photo will be displayed and what you want to convey. List 3 key qualities you would like people to say when they look at your picture (dynamic?passionate?creative? caring?).

- Body language

Beyond the style of the headshot, the body language has a high impact on the overall result (full smile, serious expression, folded arms, etc). It is important to be aware of it (and be well advised by your photographer) to be sure you are on point.

No matter what you decide, keep in mind that a great headshot showcases your confidence, expertise and style.

TIP: You will not be taking headshots every month, so it is also important that your portrait is versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of companies/clients rather to one specific job.



How much is too much photo retouching?

Tips for natural-looking headshots.

Post-processing programs have opened up amazing ways to enhance a portrait, but there is always a fine line when too much retouching will look unnatural. Simple editing touches can make a huge difference to a portrait, without taking away the natural expressions and personality of the subject.

To best retouch a face, the key is to understand the shape of the face, how it reacts to light and what makes sense in terms of correction. Then, it is important to distinguish between facial expressions which give character to a face, and signs of aging or spots which can distract from the face’s natural beauty.


There’s not just one kind of wrinkles.

While taking out wrinkles on the forehead and frowning lines will enhance your portrait, “crow’s feet” and laugh lines which portray your personality should only be smoothed out for a natural result. You don’t want your professional portrait to look rigid or life-less. It is important that your personality and dynamism shine through.

Age/sun spots

Age and sun spots can be easily taken out and greatly enhance the overall appearance of a face, without impacting on its character.

What about freckles?

This really depends on you and how you feel about them. If you consider that they are part of who you are, they should absolutely not be touched. Don’t hesitate to tell your photographer what you’re most comfortable with!

Other tips and tricks

Remember that a pose and outfit will also greatly influence your final photo.Your photographer is here to advise you on the most flattering poses and outfits. For example, simple posing tricks will smooth out double chins, and any other element you might not be comfortable with.


We reserved this space for posting a client’s before & after, including the unretouched photos, but.. couldn’t find any volunteer!

Guess we did a good job with the retouching ;-)



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